To bring all people together to live as one family in harmony with nature by publishing the truth without borders or ulterior motives and inviting all to love it and each other. To proclaim, in other words, what is relevant and instruct on how to live accordingly. Or, in older, more eloquent words, to inspire love of truth above all and others as self.

Strategic Plan

To recognize the scientific method as the only means to unanimity, and to strive for unanimity by applying this method to problems that matter, to publish provocative scientific analyses of important issues, to invite criticism in the form of blogs., and to solicit articles from the authors of persuasive blogs.

Rarely Asked Questions

What matters? How can we know, and how can we be sure, and how can we live if we can’t be sure? What distinguishes good from bad, and right from wrong? What are life, health, death, and self? What is truth? Does free will exist? Who is guilty? Who is innocent? What is justice? Where did we come from, and where are we headed? What is love? Why do people suffer? What is God? And what do we really want? The RAQs share the same scientific answer: We don’t know. That’s the incentive to study.

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