See Your World

“More than 99% of all species that have ever lived on Earth have become extinct” (Miller & Levine, Biology, Teacher’s Edition, Prentice Hall, Needham, 2002, p. 417). Don’t bet on humans being the exception. Worldwide, evidence shows that forests are shrinking, deserts are expanding, coral reefs are dying, topsoil is eroding, climate is warming, fresh water is vanishing, germs are growing fiercer, and plants and animals are racing to extinction at record rates, all while our population grows ever larger, the ultra rich ever obscenely richer, and everyone else ever poorer. Almost half of all people live on $2/day or less and some 10 million children die annually from lack of minimum essentials. Human extinction is imminent, and your children and grandchildren will suffer as a result of this imminence.

Human habitat and social fabric are not decaying by accident or by act of nature, but by education. The leaders in every field rank among the most learned people of all time. And they choose to destroy human habitat and social fabric for profit. The learned leaders in every field prefer to hoard money rather than to preserve resources and share wealth. It’s what they learned in school and college. Do better than your neighbor to earn a better reward. It’s a ridiculous notion that paves our path to extinction. If you want a chance at passing a decent future to your children and grandchildren you’ll overthrow it.

You want true love, true health, and liberty, justice, and peace for all, and you can only get what you want by sharing, i.e., by democracy, or government of, by, and for all the people. Begin immediately. Push yourself and everyone you care about to become ever better at sharing.


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