Letter on College Vouchers

Dear Senator:

I ask that you consider a matter that will benefit all residents of Connecticut, but particularly those of low-income.
In America, we are free to shop for whatever we want, except education. Parents certainly have more choice now than in the past about where to send their kids to school, but nowhere near free choice. Parents could have free choice if the state issued vouchers for each child that could be redeemed at the schools of their choices. But there is legitimate fear of school vouchers, for some parents would likely make bad choices and their innocent children would suffer the consequences.
That fear doesn’t apply to college, where adult students are ultimately responsible for their own choices. There is no good reason to use tax revenue to subsidize state colleges rather than issue vouchers to residents that could be redeemed at the colleges of their choices. Residents that like the state colleges will redemm their vouchers at those colleges. And residents who like other colleges will not be required to pay both for the college they attend and the state colleges they do not attend. I enclose an op-ed on this topic.
Please survey your constituents to find the percentage that would prefer college vouchers to subsidizing state colleges. If the percentage is high, please begin the process of making college vouchers a reality.
Many low-income students don’t enter college or drop out early for financial reasons. Others graduate with ridiculous debts. Vouchers are the perfect solution, as some colleges will cut frills and costs to attract low-income students.

Sent to Beth Bye, Representative; David Baram, Representative, and Eric Coleman, Senator. Also sent to Governor Malloy, Representative Jason Perillo, Representative Tim LeGeyt, and Senator Toni Boucher.


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