Letter on Licensing Parents to the NFL

September 20, 2014

Mr. Jerry Richardson, Owner/Founder
Carolina Panthers
800 South Mint St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Dear Mr. Richardson:

The Panthers and the NFL, have a unique opportunity now to redirect the spotlight of attention from individual instances of domestic violence to the general lack of education on family health. The No Child Left Behind law requires teachers to drill students in reading, writing, and arithmetic to the exclusion of other subjects of equal or even more importance. As a result, American kids tend to graduate from high school with adequate academic skills, but inadequate human skills. They don’t know how to discipline children or resolve disputes with partners or foster healthy families. The Panthers and the NFL are in the spotlight now, but the problem is common throughout society. And who could be surprised? If we don’t teach kids how to function as partners and parents, how can we expect them to acquire these skills? I urge you to seize this moment to direct attention to where it is needed, i.e., on the social inadequacy of American education, and I offer my services. I have extensive experience in family matters and would be happy to develop a course that might be offered to the Panthers, and, perhaps, the NFL and could serve as a model for similar courses that could be offered to all students in all schools. I enclose an op-ed on this topic. Thanks for considering.


Doug Dix, Ph.D., Professor, and
Secretary/Treasurer of MOMS: The Fund for Mothers with Young Children


Sent also to Roger Goodell, Zygl Wilf of Vikings, Stephen Bisciotti of Ravens, and William Bidwill of Cardinals


Reply to Dix@hartford.edu