What Purpose College?

Harvard and Yale, America’s oldest colleges, were founded by religious zealots as “Schools of the Prophets” for the purpose of empowering students to help the populace live in accord with truth, or, in other words, God’s will. Hence the “Veritas” in the mottos of both colleges. But Harvard and Yale, along with other prominent colleges,… Continue reading What Purpose College?

What Do You Want?

Ten million kids die each year from lack of food, safe water, and vacccines. Millions more suffer permanent disability from lack of vitamins and minerals. Mothers throughout Africa and in parts of Asia and Latin America give birth on dirt floors and die of tetanus as a result. Tetanus ranks among the most excruciating forms… Continue reading What Do You Want?

See Your World

“More than 99% of all species that have ever lived on Earth have become extinct” (Miller & Levine, Biology, Teacher’s Edition, Prentice Hall, Needham, 2002, p. 417). Don’t bet on humans being the exception. Worldwide, evidence shows that forests are shrinking, deserts are expanding, coral reefs are dying, topsoil is eroding, climate is warming, fresh… Continue reading See Your World