MOMS: The Fund for Mothers with Young Children, Inc.

10 Oxbow Lane, Bloomfield, CT 06002

MOMS was founded in Hartford Connecticut in September 2006 for the purpose of helping needy mothers with yourg children locally and worldwide. MOMS is an all-volunteer private foundation that files annually IRS Form 990PF. It has no paid staff and no expenses. Officers and Directors volunteer their services and donate all necessities. One hundred percent of all contributions to MOMS is used to advance its goal. MOMS is registered with the Internal Revenue Service (EIN 03-0603732) and the Connecticut Secretary of State and Department of Revenue Service as a family foundation exempt from Federal income tax under section 501c of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to MOMS are tax deductable under section 170 of that code.

According to the charity watchdog, Charity Navigator, volunteer agencies are rare: “Although there are few actual volunteer CEOs that receive no pay, the current process by which we collect data precludes us from identifying which charities have unpaid CEOs versus those that simply failed to report compensation on their Form 990” (Charity Navigator, “2014 Charity CEO Compensation Study October 2014” p. 15). MOMS doesn’t fail to report anything. Our staff is all-volunteer.

History of MOMS’ Giving
2006 – 2008 = 0
2009 = $100
2010 = $1,300
2011 = $14,700
2012 = $22,300
2013 = $25,000
2014 = $35,400

2015 = $44,600

2016 = $40,000

2017 = $41,655

MOMS does not want contributions from children or students and does not accept contributions from The United Way, The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, or other sources of local social service support, i.e., it does not compete with other local agencies, and seeks to collaborate with them. MOMS does accept contributions from mature individuals who believe in the cause.

MOMS contributes to the following agencies, all of which demonstrate models for solving the problem of poverty by cost-effective interventions. The following agencies have volunteer executives. They also just happen to share a connection to Connecticut:

1. Friends For All Children founded by the Australian nurse, Rosemary Taylor, provides food, shelter, and education to mothers and children and employment to mothers, in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Much of the work is provided by the Good Shepherd Sisters. Roemary takes no salary. Rosemary can be reached at MOMS provides support to Rosemary through the Children’s Medifund Corporation, 243 Chenery St., San Francisco, CA 94131. Phyllis Kaplan is the volunteer CEO of Medifund (415 641-9176). Both Rosemary and Phyllis have worked for years with, now-retired, Connie Boll of Friends of Children in Norwalk, Connecticut.

2. Masinyusane founded by Jim McKeown provides education to children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Jiim can be reached at He takes no salary. MOMS provides support to Masinyusane at 149 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA 02155.

3. The Crudem Foundation of the Holy Name Medical Center Foundation of Teaneck, New Jersey operates Hopital Sacre Coeur in Milot, Haiti. It provides volunteers, resources, and funds, and is one of Northern Haiti’s largest employers. Crudem can be reached at MOMS provides support at The Crudem Foundation, 362 Sewall St., P.O. Box 804, Ludlow, MA 01056.

4. Hawkwing provides essential resources and services to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. According to the US Census of 2010, the Cheyenne River Reservation is the poorest community in America. Founder Rochele Ripley is the volunteer executive. Hawkwing can be reached at MOMS provides support at 306 Cavan Lane, Glastonbury, CT 06033.

5. The Hope for Tomorrow Foundation provides medical services to needy people worldwide under the direction of Jeffrey Meilman, M.D. MOMS provides support at P. O. Box 187, Williamsville, N.Y. 14231. Information is available at

6. MOMS provides financial support to certain mothers in Greater Hartford. While Connecticut routinely ranks among America’s richest states, its Capital, Hartford, routinely ranks among America’s poorest cities with populations of more than 100,000. MOMS also provides education to the public in the form of pamphlets, presentations, and publications, although no funds are used for these purposes.


President: Patricia Cohen, Ph.D.

Patricia is the mother of 7 children, 6 of whom are adopted. She has also provided foster care for years and is grandmother of 7 children. Her Ph.D. is in biochemistry and she has a year of postdoctoral experience in the Department of Medicine at Yale University. Patricia has a master’s degree in elementary education and worked as an elementary health teacher for 12 years, 8 of them in Hartford. Over her career in Hartford, working in grades kindergarten through 8 in 13 different public schools, Pat taught health to some 50,000 kids.

Secretary/Treasurer: Doug Dix, Ph.D.

Doug is Professor of Biology and Medical Technology in the Department of Health Science at the University of Hartford. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry, a Fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, a medical technologist certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, and holds a Clinical Laboratory Director certificate from the State of Connecticut. Doug is a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician and a member of the Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance. In 1987, he created the interdisciplinary course, “Hunger: Problems of Scarcity and Choice,” that has been taught in multiple sections each semester since. Over his 35 years at the University, Doug has taught some 7,000 undergraduates and met most of their parents.

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